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Jaws for wire press Ferrules

Jaws for wire press Ferrules


Round-shaped ferrules for wire press, for use in pressing wire ferrules.

Available in several variants for different dimensions of wire ferrules, see measurements by resp. variant.

  • Wire ferrules: Compare the measurement in the column ferrules outer Ø, with the outer diameter of the part of the ferrules that is to be pressed.

Please note before use
The contact surface between the ferrules  is approx. 12 mm. If the material is wider than that, it may be necessary to press the material several times.

To make it easy to insert and remove the ferrules from the tool, their fit is a little loose when the tool is not pressurised. For a better-looking result, adjust the ferrulesbefore each pressing so that they are entirely parallel, or rotate the material and press a second time.

Wire Ø: 
abcd Article no. Wire Ø Width Price Stock status Quantity
Jaws for wire press (3 mm) Ferrules 81481012-03 3 12 €225.27
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Jaws for wire press (4 mm) Ferrules 81481012-04 4 12 €225.27
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