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New! LED lights for jetties and gardens

Hand rail in black stained oak, 42.4 mm
Available in any length! Hand rail in black stained oak with lacquered surface. Diameter 42.4 mm.S...
€42.91 €65.18
Tube, acid-resistant 2,0 42,4 A4-Aisi 316L
2.0 m tube at promotional price! Stainless steel tube in AISI 316 grade with matte satin finish. D...
€32.65 €47.55
Hand rail in lacquered oak, 42.4 mm
Available in any length! Hand rail in lacquered oak with diameter 42.4 mm.Since wood is a living m...
€42.91 €65.18
End fittings for wooden hand rail, straight (brass)
End fittings with completely straight side, for wooden hand rail. Made of stainless steel (AISI 30...
From €6.27 From €7.27

New range of railing

Handrail bracket with center screw
Handrail bracket with center screw
From €20.82
Glass profile 1401 for glass railing, floor 1.5 kN
2.5 m aluminium profile for floor-mounted glass railing, with elegant satin-anodised finish. Compa...

New in the outlet

From €2.64
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From €4.45
From €1.73

Stainless steel railings and industrial products in marine quality

Marifix Produktion AB

Marifix Produktion is an importer/exporter of mostly stainless steel products, for use in marine and industrial environments, interior decoration, construction etc. Located in the south of Sweden, we focus on personal service and customizability, for both consumers and businesses.

Should you have any questions or requests you are always welcome to contact us!

Marine products

Our line of marine products is marketed in retail and specialty stores across Scandinavia. We offer boat accessories and other products specially adapted for marine environments.

Stainless stel railings

Choose from a wide selection of stainless steel railings for indoor or outdoor use!

We sell glass railings with posts or aluminium profiles, wire railings, crossbar railings, queue poles and related accessories. Our railings can be installed on your porch, balcony or staircase.

Industrial products

Our stainless steel fasteners and accessories are suitable for industries and manufacturing companies, among many others. Our range includes almost everything from stainless steel screws, to galvanised or stainless steel wire and chains, to blind rivets and tools.