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Clamp thimble, IronGrip, galv.

Clamp thimble, IronGrip, galv.


Approved for lifting. Clamp thimble from IronGrip with a unique design that simplifies installation and improves safety.

Supplier’s description:
The majority of all steel rope fastenings on site are performed using thimbles and wire rope clips. IronGrip’s KK-M clamp thimble radically simplifies this installation, with improved safety compared to the traditional method.

For example, compare the installation of a thimble and three or more wire rope clips, with the installation of IronGrip’s KK-M clamp thimble: Instead of having to keep track of a number of components and 6–8 nuts to tighten, it is sufficient to have a single component and just two nuts.

KK-M takes up less space and the weight of the installation is less than the traditional solution.

Clamp thimbles from IronGrip have long been used to secure rope attachments in a variety of applications around the world. Clamp thimbles are at least as good as IronGrip’s wire rope clips when it comes to securing the connection without damaging the rope.

Material: Galvanised steel
Wire Ø: 
abcd Article no. Wire Ø Price Stock status Quantity
Clamp thimble, IronGrip, galv. (5-6 mm) 180206 5.0-6.0 €14.64
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Clamp thimble, IronGrip, galv. (7-9.5 mm) 180209 7.0-9.5 €23.64
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Clamp thimble, IronGrip, galv. (10-12.5 mm) 180212 10.0-12.5 €44
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Clamp thimble, IronGrip, galv. (13-16.5 mm) 180216 13.0-16.5 €74.45
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Clamp thimble, IronGrip, galv. (17-20 mm) 180220 17.0-20.0 €106.55
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