Anchor mass R-KEM-II 300 ml in the group Railing parts / Accessories / Cleaning & care at Marifix (288-10)
Anchor mass R-KEM-II 300 ml

Anchor mass R-KEM-II 300 ml

Anchor mass R-KEM-II 300 ml is a two-component, high-performance, styrene-free polyester anchor mass. Ideal for applications where conventional fasteners do not work. The anchor mass can also be installed in moist concrete. ETA approval for 15 different documents - ETA-12/0528. After opening the tube, the anchor mass can be used for up to six months if the nose tube is left on the cartridge. Only replace the new nose tube with the next use. NOTE! The anchor mass is extremely sensitive to heat. Therefore, do not expose the cartridges to direct sunlight and heat. Can be used at temperatures down to -5 ° and up to + 25 °.
Volume: 300ml ml
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