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Adapter for wooden hand rail

Adapter for wooden hand rail

Marifix Railing System

Adapter that is used in conjunction with our couplings for wooden hand rails.

Available in white and black variants, that are both used similarly. With the white adapter it may be necessary to use adhesive T70 for the fitting to attach properly, with the black adapter no adhesive is required.

Secure the adapter to the wooden hand rail with screw DIN 9478-4-4.8x45 (can be found further down the page).

To get the adapter exactly in the middle of the hand rail easily, we recommend our centring tool, which can also be found further down the page.

Diameter: 42.4 mm
Fits handrail: Round wood Ø 42,4
Material: Plastic
Fastening: Screw
Adapter type: 
abcd Article no. Adapter type Price Stock status Quantity
Adapter for wooden hand rail J320042 Black €3.64
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Adapter for wood hand rails (white) J320042-2 White €3.64
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