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Dyneema rope

Dyneema is an extremely lightweight rope that combines high strength and low elongation. In fact, there is no other rope with a higher breaking strength relative to its weight.

As it can withstand high loads, it is perfect as a replacement for wire.

Dyneema D-Pro black (3-10 mm)
Dyneema D-Pro black (3-10 mm)
100% Dyneema® SK78, specially braided and treated with the LIROS Heat Stretch System. Highest breaking strength in relation...
From €1.31 (From €1.91)
Dynema D-Pro Carbongrey  "Farmers-choice"
Dynema D-Pro Carbongrey "Farmers-choice"
Dyneema® braided rope in high-strength and dumb

Up to 15 times stronger than steel in relation to wei...
From €4.45 (From €7.27)
Dynema D-Pro-XTR silver
Dynema D-Pro-XTR silver
LIROS D-Pro-XTR is a 12-braid line in high strength
Dyneema® SK99 for best breaking strength in relation to weight. Treate...
From €10.18